Best Star Projector 2017 For Your Room

​Looking for the best star projector to either sooth your child back to sleep or turn your room into a starry night sky? We have compiled a list of all of the best star and planetarium projectors.

Anyone with a fascination for the stars above will appreciate being able to bring them to life inside their very own home. There are many uses for star projectors for people of any age. They can be used as a night light, a party decoration, or a mood setter for a special occasion. Star projectors have come a long way with the advancement of technology. The list below is comprised of several different types of star projectors, some that also go above-and-beyond their intended use to provide a unique home experience.

1. Star Projector Sound Machine With Cry Detect By Calm Knight Baby White Noise Nursery Night Light Musical Soother And Womb Sounds made by Calm Knight. The best projector on this list is definitely the Calm Knight Star Projector. It has been designed with the parents in mind! The projector is equipped with cry detection technology, meaning that it will turn on when it senses a young child’s cry. The machine projects colored stars onto the ceiling to provide a calming atmosphere for the child back to sleep so that the parents do not need to get up. There are 3 interchangeable projector screens including cloud formations and star planetarium. Because of the many features it was the #1 new release for baby soothers and was flying off the store shelf during the holiday season! Additionally, it is also a sound machine that will play a lullaby tune or even mimic the sounds of a heartbeat, similar to the sounds heard in the womb. It has the option to be a plug-in or use 2 aa battery. It cost around $40 USD. 

2. [Newest Generation] LED Night Lighting Lamp -Elecstars Light Up Your Bedroom With This Moon, Star, Sky Romatic LED Night Light Projector made by ElecStars. This star projector lamp lights up the room with colorful stars and crescent moon. The ElecStars is an accurate constellation projector that will be sure to kickstart a child’s interest in astronomy. There are three different lighting modes so that it can be used as a night light as well. The projector costs around $30 USD.

3. Color Changing Aurora Projection Led Night Light Lamp with Speaker, Relaxing Light Show for Kids and Adults, Decorative Mood Light made by SOAIY. Any room will have a front row seat to the aurora borealis or a nebular light show with the aurora projector. It has eight different light projecting modes to keep it interesting. The unit is equipped with a speaker and audio cable so that it can play any type of music from a compatible device. It has an adjustment angle and also shuts off after one hour. The projector costs around $30 USD.

4. In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Light Projector and Night Light made by Uncle Milton. The Star Theater Pro is another high end product that will provide powerful optics for the ultimate home planetarium experience. The sphere shaped device uses a LED light source to omit the cosmic scene onto the ceiling and walls. It comes with two interchangeable discs to add variety to what different planets and stars can be seen. The projector costs around $150 USD.

5. Starry Night Light Lamp,SlowTon Romantic 3 Modes Colorful LED Moon Sky Dreamer Desk Rotating Cosmos Starlight Projector for Children Kids Baby Bedroom made by SlowTon. Not only does this star projector lamp comes with three interchangeable projection films, but it also has six different lighting effects. It offers 360 degree rotation as well as various brightness modes. This projector costs around $55 USD.

6. LED Starlight Projector Baby Nursery Night Light Relaxing Sleep Aid Lamp made by Wedna. This projector lamp comes with four different lighting colors: yellow, blue, green, and red. It will project the night sky onto the ceiling and walls and is a fantastic night light for children. This projector costs around $16 USD.

7. 270 Degree Rotating Laser Twilight Stars Hologram Projector - Constellation, Nebula and Galaxy Projection made by Parrot Uncle. The Twilight Stars Hologram projector will transform any room into a mesmerizing sight to behold. View thousands of green stars and an ultraviolet nebula cloud by simply plugging in the projector and then aim it to the surface you want to cover with This planetarium projector costs around $110 USD to turn your room into an awesome star show or star war. Similar to a laser pointer you need to be careful of childrens eyes and this is not recommended for kids. 

8. Ocean Wave Night Light- Best Star Projector Mood Lamp Trippy Ambient Color Changing LED for Baby Teens Boys Girls Starry Galaxy Light Lava Projection Music Player made by Deneve. The Ocean Wave Star Light Show is a waterproof projector that comes with 12 different colored LED lighting options. It is compatible with MP3 music devices meaning that you can play any music you like alongside the sounds of waves that the projector makes. It can be the perfect night light or be the moodsetter for a romantic evening indoors. The projector costs around $18 USD.

9. Galaxy Clock, Soothing Night Sky Star Projector, Music Player With Nature Sounds Auto Shut Off And Volume Control, Mood Starry Light Lamp made by MomKnows. Another great projector is the Galaxy Clock. It comes with various nature sounds and white noise so that your child can fall asleep calmly. Or you can even plug in your own music and play it through the speaker of the egg-shaped projector. The machine has volume control so you can set it to an appropriate volume. Unlike other projectors, the Galaxy Clock doubles as an alarm clock and even shows the temperature. This projector costs around $70 USD.

10. Homestar Original Black - Home Planetarium Star Projector made by Sega. Enjoy over 60,000 stars, which includes shooting stars when enabled, with the Homestar Pro. You can angle the projection light bulb and even have the stars rotate just like they do in real life. A timer allows for an auto shut-off so that the unit is not left on all night and you can fall asleep without any worries. It comes with two interchangeable discs depicting the northern hemisphere. One includes constellations and the other does not. The projector costs around $150 USD. A great option for a starry night sky!

11. Homestar EXTRA Planetarium made by Sega. The Homestar EXTRA Planetarium projects over 120,000 stars in stunning high definition that will leave you in awe. The projector comes with a remote control so that there is no need to get up when a change is wanted- you can even change the rotation speed of the stars. There are multiple discs available to change the projected images and a shooting star function! This is the most expensive projector on the market, however, costing around $2,500 USD with very expensive light bulb technology!

12. Star Laser Projector Hologram made by NewAje. Armed with green laser technology this hologram projector has two built-in-precision glass lenses, this projector’s star display will fill up a room for hours. It operates with green laser technology and the star display is clear. The projector even with its holographic technology costs around $95 USD.

13. Homestar Classic made by Home Star. The Homestar Classic is displays over 60,000 stars onto the ceiling or walls. It can be set for a 15 minute, 30 minute, or 60 minute auto shut-off. There are options to rotate the star field and turn on random shooting stars. The projector costs around $110 USD.

14. Homestar Lite made by Sega. The Homestar Lite is a very simple model that gets the job done and can easily be used by the less tech savvy to turn their room into a starry night. It is powered with a 1W LED light. The projector costs around $43 USD.

15. Astrostar Astro Star Sky Laser Projector Cosmos Night Light Lamp Romantic Star Light made by Upstore. This is a do-it-yourself projector, meaning that when it arrives to your doorstep, you have to assemble it. It’s a perfect way to spend an evening in. The projector costs around $15 USD.

16. Rotatable DIY Starfield Simulation Projector-White, Blue and Red LED Option-Infrared Remote Control-Night Light made by INFMETRY. This projector is a do-it-yourself project similar to the Astrostar. After assembling the unit, stargazers will be able to project an accurate starfield into their room. The projector costs around $25 USD.

17. Rotating Galaxy Night Light, Romantic Cosmos Star Moon Sky Projector, Bedside Lamp, Rotation Light, Night Sky Projector for Babies and Kids Bedroom (Purple) made by Wedna. The Rotating Galaxy Night Light unit comes in three colors: blue, pink, and purple. The base can rotate and omits sound less than 30dB, so it will not disturb sleep. Your ceiling and walls will be covered with colorful stars and moons that can also spin. It can also be the ideal night light for children. The projector costs around $70 USD.

18. Star Sky Night Lamp, Baby Lights 360 Degree Romantic Room Rotating Cosmos Star Projector With LED Timer Auto-Shut Off,USB Cable Plug For Kid Bedroom,Christmas Gift (Blue) made by ANTEQI. This product is very similar to the previous projector made by Wedna. The Star Sky Night Lamp has a setting where you can choose to control how long the projector stays on that ranges from 5 minutes to 95 minutes. The LED light source can project yellow, green, red, blue, or multicolored stars and moons onto the ceiling/walls. The projector costs around $40 USD.

19. 360 Rotating Night Light with 4 Projection Slides, Romantic Cosmos Star Moon Sky Projector, Idea Bedroom Lamp for Children and Baby, Blue made by eCandy. This unique projector is shaped like a rose and will bring a lot of beauty to a room. The unit can come in pink, purple, and blue. Equipped with three separate projection slides, there is a nice variety when it comes to imaging. The unit makes little noise when the rotating option is on, so it is not a nuisance to those trying to sleep or relax. The projector costs around $70 USD.

20. Le Petit Prince "Touch Active, Easy Clean" Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light made by Lumitusi. This star projector is touch activated! You can press it and change the color of the projection between four different ones. Project either orange stars, blue stars, green stars, or a combination of them all onto the ceiling and walls of a little one’s room. It makes for a perfect night light and will shut off after 45 minutes. The projector costs around $37 USD.

21. Night Light Kids Lamp, Romantic Rotating Sky Moon & Cosmos Cover Projector Night Lighting for Children Adults Bedroom, Mood/Decorative Light, Baby Nursery Light, Living Room Gift (Black) made by ANTEQI. This projector is another great one made by the ANTEQI company. The projector comes with two different covers that project different scenes. One cover shows the cosmos while the other shows stars and moons. It is equipped with 360 degree rotation and changes color. The projector costs around $36 USD.

22. LED Star Projector Night Light Amazing Lamp Master for Kids Bedroom Home Decoration(with USB Cable), Blue made by Aeeque. Enjoy a multicolored projection of animated hearts and stars on your ceiling and walls with the LED Star Projector. This projector costs around $11 USD.

23. Multicolor Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Lamp With Built-in Music Player and Remote Control In Bedroom Living Room For Nursery Baby Kids Children Adults made by Supertech. Similar to the Deneve Ocean Wave Night Light, this star projector doubles as a sound machine, even allowing for you to use your own music. The unit comes with a remote control that can change the volume, switch between songs (if connected to a music playing device such as a mp3 player), set a timer, turn on the rotation, change the lighting mode, as well as turning the projector on and off. The unit can tilt at a 45 degree angle to fit your individual needs. The projector costs around $79 USD.

24. Aurora Borealis Star Projector Lava Lamp Night Light - Mood Lighting Lamp Trippy Ambient Color Changing LED for Baby Teens Boys Girls Starry Galaxy with Music Player made by Deneve. Watch the aurora borealis come to life in your own room with this projector. The unit can tilt at a 45 degree angle and offers up to 12 varying LED colors. The projectors allows for you to play your own music through an mp3 player and also has a 1 hour automatic shut off timer. The projector costs around $19 USD.

25. Portable Kids Night Light Projector (3 Color Changing, 360 Degree Rotation, 3 Project Films Changeable: Stars/ Ocean/ Birthday, 3 Brightness Dimmable, USB Battery Powered (Black) made by Anpress. The diamond shaped projector is portable, making it the perfect device for children. It comes with three interchangeable films: one for birthdays, oceanic images, and stars. There are six different lighting modes ranging from red, blue, green, and multicolors. The projector costs around $17 USD.

Which Star Projector is for You?

With any product, you get what you pay for. This list is comprised of some of the best on the market and some of the worthwhile cheaper options. How do they all stack up?

Star Projector Basic ($) Average ($$) High End ($$$)
Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine
ElecStars LED Cosmo Projector
SOAIY Color Changing Aurora Projector
Uncle Milton Star Theater Pro
SlowTon Rotating Starlight Projector
Deneve Ocean Wave Night Light
MomKnows Galaxy Clock
Sega Homestar Orginal
Sega Homestar EXTRA Planetarium
NewAje Laser Stars Hologram Projector
Sega Homestar Classic
Sega Homestar Lite
Upstore Astro Star Sky Laser Projector
INFMETRY Star Projector
Wedna Rotating Galaxy Night Light
ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp
eCandy Rotating Night Light Projector
Lumitusi Le Petite Prince Constellation Star Projector
ANTEQI Night Light Kids Stars and Moon
Aeeque LED Star Projector Night Light
SuperTech Ocean Wave Projector Night Light Lamp
Deneve Aurora Borealis Star Projector

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Greetings space geeks! Here we have the top star projectors currently available. Whether you are looking for a professional projector or an on-off lamp, you’ll find the best of both in this breakdown. In addition if you want a star projector for your baby or toddlers nursery we have the best baby night light projector included in this list.

1. CalmKnight Star Projector and Sound Machine with Cry Detection

The first projector on our list is a new night light and white noise machine projector that helps parents get more sleep! This star projector, lullaby machine automatically turns on if the child starts to cry to sooth them back to sleep.

In addition it comes with an audio input to allow you to play your childs favorite song to help get them to sleep faster.

This projector for your toddler is easy to use with multiple sound and volume options along with 3 interchangeable plates that can provide a unique environment for your kids room.

2. Homestar Extra

Next on our list of the best planetarium projectors is the Homestar Extra. Fellow space geeks, this star projector is the most advanced unit available. Homestar has a reputation of making a range of some of the best planetariums, however this one specifically ranks #1

3. Homestar Pro

Homestar Pro is in for our #2 best star projector. This is the perfect mid range planetarium. While not as powerful as it’s successor the Homestar Extra, this unit still outperforms most with a 3W LED and great optics.

4. Star Theater Pro

star theater pro

star theater pro

Next on our countdown of the best star projector planetariums is the Star Theater Pro. This unit has basic features but packs a real punch! We found that the Star Theater Pro has better optics and more powerful lighting then most of its competitors.

5. Laser Twilight Stars Projector

laser twilight stars projector

laser twilight stars projector

Behind The Star Theater Pro we have the Laser Twilight Stars Projector. For the person who isn’t picky about having accurate constellations, this star projector is tremendously cool. It’s popular for a reason, this projector is so animated it’s hard not to watch as the green stars slowly move and the blue nebula cloud waves to you.

6. Homestar Classic

homestar classic

homestar classic

Coming in at #5 for best star projector we have the Homestar Classic. This unit is Homestars bestseller. Homestar Classic has everything we love about the Homestar 2nd edition with just a little less power. Homestar Classic has all the basic features including a 15, 30, and 60 minute timer, shooting stars, diurnal motion and a whopping 60,000 star emission.

7. Homestar Lite

homestar light

homestar light

Here we have the Homestar Lite at #6. This star projector is the stripped down version, no hassle, on-off model. It sports the same power as the classic with a 1W LED.

8. Infmetry Star Projector

diy infmetry star light projector

diy infmetry star light projector

Last and likely worst we have the Infmetry Star Projector. This DIY unit is best for those that want to fill an entire room with bright stars. The star light projector comes with limited but surprisingly awesome features