3 Cool Star Shower Lights to Get Your Kids in the Bath

January 3, 2018 starpro

One of the hardest things to do is get your child to take a bath. Th​​​​e next hardest thing to do is get your child out of the bathtub when it’s time to dry off and put on pajamas. It’s a never-ending cycle that parents face in the evening, and there’s not much you can do to fix this headache.

However, there are some methods you can implement that will help get your child in the bathtub with little fuss. These methods include playing a recording or reading a book of their favorite story. Regaling them with tales of Knights and Dragons might make your child enjoy bath time, especially if they hear a story which involves them role playing the hero or antagonist. Another good way to get children excited about taking an evening bath is to let them splash around in the tub. Of course, this means more cleaning and drying for the parent, but at last they’ll be happy with the promise of fun time and making a mess.

One of the best and most effective ways to get your kid to willingly climb into the bathtub isn’t with stories or recordings, but rather with lights. There are light-up water-proof toys you can purchase, but they’re brightness levels are usually limited. Instead, why not opt for a holiday-theme light show instead? Star Shower is a popular brand that revolutionized the way we decorate our homes for different holidays, including Christmas and Halloween. But who says their light projects should only be taken out during these times?

We find that children enjoy light shows during all times of the year and even during bath time. Let’s take a look at three of the coolest Star Shower light projects that can get your children excited for bath time.

Star Shower Star Projector


As the name suggests, this projector blasts out a seemingly infinite amount of stars that decorate the walls and sides of your house. Children are definitely impressed by the pictures projected onto flat surfaces, and it can make bath time much more enjoyable. Paired with your children’s favorite bath toys, they’re sure to want to jump into the tub every chance they get, just to behold the amazing spectacle of moving stars flashing on and around your bathroom walls.

This laser image projector features a “magic” button which makes the show start and stop, but it also comes with a built-in light sensor which detects how dark a room is before speckling your room with mesmerizing stars. Users can manually configure between red and green lights, whichever their children prefer. This projector is great for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can bring this light into the bathroom, your children’s bedroom, and even project images onto your houses outer walls to impress neighborhood children. The light is also weather resistant and water-resistant so accidental splashes won’t cause the unit to shut down.

There are some problems with this product, though. First of all, some users have complained about the red-green light feature breaking after limited use. One of their complaints is that either the red or green LED lights in the unit end up broken, leaving the unit to project only one of the colors. This isn’t too bad if you’re lucky enough to get the color you prefer, but it’s really just a testament to how the product was manufactured.

Star Shower Laser Jet Show


If you’ve ever been to rave, you know how laser shows work, and you’ll know just how attention-grabbing they can be. Give a show to your children as they prepare to get into the bathtub, and they’ll be drawn in automatically by the numerous lights beaming on your walls and bathroom mirror.

This Star laser show can project images of your child’s favorite characters like Santa for a Christmas-theme laser jet show, ghosts for a spooky bath time experience, and dot patterns for everyday use. This device is extremely easy to set up. Just balance the plastic base, push the on button, and watch your child’s jaw drop as the lights perform a show to stimulate your child and makes them look forward to bath time.

Some drawbacks of this laser jet show projector is that the lights may be a little too dim to project any visible lights without having to turn off the lights. This can be problematic, especially in the bathroom where water can be frightening enough to children without the added factor of darkness.

Star Shower Window Wonderland for the Holidays

Star Shower Window Wonderland Holiday Projector by BulbHead

This projector is a lot different from the others. This one projects videos in laser form on flat surfaces like your bathroom walls, projection screens, and your home’s outer walls. The other projectors impress children with amazing lights and pictures, but this one gives them something to continuously stare at while learning just a little bit about the Halloween- or Christmas-theme videos that play.

Similar to the other models, this is extremely easy to set up. Just point the projector at any light surface, push the on button, and you can enjoy entertaining videos of just about anything that draws your child’s interest. The unit comes with 12 pre-installed videos which last around 16 seconds each. We know that that’s hardly long enough, but it’s a lot better than the stagnant pictures and lights you get from other brands’ laser projectors.

There are some drawbacks with this model, including having to manually change the videos after they finish playing. This can be a hassle, especially if you’re completely focused on helping your child clean behind their ears and under their armpits. It might also have some focusing problems, but you can play around with the distance from the projector to flat surface.

Bottom Line

Star Shower has received a lot of positive reviews on their products, mainly the Star Projector. However, it seems like each individual product they ship out is either a hit or miss. You either get a great-working product, straight from the company without damage, that can emit bright lights, or you’re getting a dented, bruised, flimsy product that seems to have seen several years of use. We personally recommend getting the Star Project, but any of the three might come in handy for bathroom, bedroom, and home lighting with pretty patterns.