5 Best Baby Shower Gifts

May 2, 2017 starpro

Who doesn’t love to celebrate when you have a baby on the way! And the best way to celebrate this occasion is by throwing your loved one a baby shower. However, unlike weddings where you can just get things off a wedding registry, it takes immense thought into planning what to get the future parents as a gift. Although the choices are unlimited, giving a practical, useful and adorable gift can be a tough task. For this purpose, we bring to you a guide to help you pick a gift from the best five baby shower gifts on the market.

1. Star Projector Sound Machine

This is a baby shower gift that is suitable for infants, toddlers, and children of all ages. It is not just a sound machine, but also a calming start generator, that projects stars on the ceiling to help your children sleep at night. It also includes ten lullabies and several nature sounds to keep your child occupied. What makes this gift standout is the fact that it comes with a cry detecting feature. This feature can detect when a baby starts crying and turns on the projector, which can calm the baby down and help them sleep.

This is an essential because in the first few months of a baby, it becomes especially hard for the parents to wake up in the middle of the night. The cry detect feature, as well as the heart beat mimicking feature ensure that the child is comfortable and will sleep through the night; a true blessing indeed. This does not require any batteries, and is plugged in, so the battery will never run out.

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Better Bath time Basket

Who doesn’t love Burt’s Bees products, and what better gift for little one that a Burt’s Bees Baby Better Bath time Basket. This Gift basket includes a bathrobe, a baby towel, a couple of smaller hand towels, and baby bee shampoo, wash and mini lotion. All these products are made with 100% certified organic materials, and are made by Burt’s Bees, displaying their iconic logo on each piece. The basket carrying these products is fully lined, and reusable, giving the parents a beautiful storage option for baby items.

This is the perfect gift for parents who may be incorporating an organic lifestyle, and may be active environmentalists, because all Burt’s Bees products are ensured to be organic, and fulfilling environmental standards. This Deluxe bath time gift basket will definitely make bath times a nurturing experience for both. For an additional $10, you can throw in a Burt’s Bees Getting Started Gift set which includes a lotion, a cream-to-powder, a full size shampoo and wash, baby oil and a soap bar, making it a complete, organic skin care set for the baby.

3. Best Baby Hand & Footprint Picture Frame Kit

If you truly want your friends or family to preserve their baby’s birth, this is the gift you should be giving them on the baby shower. This is the perfect, thoughtful gift because it allows you to capture the first moments of the baby, and keep them forever, with their hand and foot prints set in clay, and preserved with the frame forever. This is an easy to assemble piece of decoration, that comes with the clay, double sided tape, and a real wooden frame. The frame is split into 3 sections where 2 are separated for any pictures you want to add, square, with a length of 2.75 inches, and one section for the hand and foot prints, with ides of 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches.

Although the clay takes 48 hours to dry, the frame doesn’t take long to assemble, and it allows for the first moments of the baby to be perfectly preserved to allow for the parents, especially for first born babies, to mark the beginning of their journey as parents.

4. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Deluxe Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

The Sweet Snugapuppy is a “two in one” sleeper and playtime seat, and comes with an inclined seat setting as well. It has a soft plush fabric, ensuring that the baby will be comfortable and with a special insert in the shape of an adorable puppy, it allows the parents to keep their newborns safe and sound as well. To help the new parents put their baby to sleep, particularly for naptime, this is an ideal gift because it helps soothe babies and put them to sleep with the help of the rocking setting, that rocks the sleeper with a very gentle push. It also has a vibration setting that can help calm the baby down and soothe them when they cry.

This easily foldable, battery operated rocker is the perfect gift for parents who may travel, and cannot bring with them everything. It allows for the babies to have a playtime, as well as a naptime. It’s easy to clean, with a variety of calming vibrations to help the little one remain asleep, even at night.

5. Tiny Love Gymini Monkey Island Activity Gym

Here is a gift to help your favorite future parents keep their little one occupied in a comfortable space. The mini-gym (or Gymini) for babies comes with colorful toy hangings. One of these is a monkey with musical lights and different tunes, while there is also a wind chime in the shape of a lion, a jittering pull toy in the shape of a whale, and a teether as well. These toys can later be separated when the baby outgrows the gymini. All in all, this consists of 18 different activities to keep the little one occupied with. The arches have an adjustable setting whereby promoting tummy time for the baby. The mat is soft and padded providing comfort for the baby, and comes with a cushion for extended playtimes.
Any of these five baby shower gift are ideal for the future parents celebrating the baby, and will provide for the baby a high level of comfort and care.