Awesome Nursery night lights

July 12, 2017 starpro

What is amazing about nursery nightlights these days is the huge amount of options that are available. Nursery night light do illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not so bright to hinder sleep. A nursery night light are designed in different forms. For example a soft shell turtle, cajole that plays soothing melodies, night light 360 degrees rotation that casts a beautiful galaxy on your son's roof in a delightful rubber teddy bear, or squishable gummy bear.

The uses of children's lights

It allows you or your young one to easily find their little teddy bear in the dark.

Makes it easy to diaper change at midnight as you will be able to see well without turning on a blinding light

Comfort children who are afraid of the dark: Kids tend to be a little more imaginative as a result darkness scares them but with a nursery night light they will sleep with comfort as they will be able to view their surrounding as they sleep.

To help parents see in the night when they breast feed or put their baby to bed

Here are some of the beautiful and awesome nursery nightlight to buy for your baby:

1. Slumber Buddies nightlight

Eddie sweet shaped elephant is quite pretty, and also comes in a butterfly, hippos and lamb overload sweetness.

Why buy this nightlight?

Slumber Buddies nightlight

The volume control has three levels, with which you can choose to have this night light at different distances from the crib without the music being too loud or too low. The volume control is a great feature as if the toddler is old enough they can turn the volume down or up by themselves.

This night light plays five meditation songs and sounds of nature to calm your little one as he/she dreams. The soothing melodies ensures your kid gets a sounding sleep with no interruption as the melodies are designed for aiding to sleep.

Comes with a starry sky projection. This is as great as your kid will be able to see the different colors spread all over the room giving your kid something to gaze at as he/she is falling asleep.

The elephant is made of hard plastic with small cut holes, so when the night light is on, the bulb light from the inside through these holes projects shapes into its walls and ceiling. This will allow you kid to see shapes of the animal on the walls and ceiling. This offers some form of entertainment.

2. Rotation and 360 degree Lizber baby LED night light Moon projector star

This lamp does not contain the automatic shut-off, and does not play sounds or music. Although the Lizber baby LED night light with moon star projector and 360 degree rotation is a fun Galaxy projector that can be used as a single LED when you turn off the disposable night light tip.

Why buy this nightlight?

4 AAA batteries can be used to power it. This is a nice feature as you will not always need to have electricity and if you have gone for a camping then batteries will serve better.

Includes four LED beads with warm, soothing light in white, blue, green and red. This colors attract the attention of the kid and hence will keep the kid gazing at the lights till he/she sleeps.

Support the USB cable that can be used to power it. The use of USB cable ensures that you get more options of charging it, as you can connect it to the laptop or any device that supports USB cable and can charge it.

The night projector light is available in 3 fun colors: blue, pink and purple.

When used in Galaxy mode, it creates a beautiful swirl of stars on the ceiling or wall in a color scheme. This ensures that you kid is entertained till he/she falls asleep.

3. The Light My Way night light by Munchkin

This is a portable night light and is very popular. This night light is very popular due to its versatility, as it can serve all children of all ages.

Why buy this nightlight?

The Light My Way night light by Munchkin

If your child in the middle of the night wants to go to the bathroom, then all they have to do is turn the night light on and they will be able to see their surrounding better and it ensures that there is no more night crashes.

Night light can easily be placed on a shelf near the crib. The portability of it makes it convenient to be used and be placed on any surface.

Night light turns off automatically after 20 minutes. Your kid will obviously leave the nightlight on as he/she will not be able to turn it off before sleeping so this tech of auto switch is really important and will save you the hustle of going to always switch the nightlight off.

Gives enough light, but not so bright that it interferes with sleep. The devices is designed to illuminate just enough light in the surrounding so as not to wake up the child.

4. SHAVA Night Light with Bluetooth LED Night Light Loudspeaker Speaker

In this product, you get a soft light and Bluetooth functionality in one.

Why buy this product?

SHAVA Night Light with Bluetooth LED Night Light Loudspeaker Speaker

It can play some FM radio stations, this is best feature as you can let it play as a radio and if your kid has a favorite FM station that has his/her favorite songs then they can listen to it till he/she falls asleep.

The speakers are high quality and produce a beautiful sound. The clarity of sounds ensures that the toddler falls asleep without being interrupted.

You can press and hold the speaker mesh to easily change the color of your night light between the two modes. This tech embraces simplicity you do not need a manual for such.

It connects to any Bluetooth device and play whatever music or sound you want.

Very portable. You will be able to move this device to any room of the house that your kid wants to sleep in, or even carry it with you when you going upcountry.

5. Boon Glo Nightlight portable balls

This unit has a modern design, which resembles almost a deep ocean bottom creature. Boon Glo Night Light Ball Portable is a great unique night light, which is just as exciting for adults and children.

Why buy this product?

Contains three removable GLO balls that act as moving lights at night, and can be taken from its port

This night light is safe, and all lights are cool to be touch

Illuminates in a range of colors

The balls maintain their brightness for 30 minutes after being removed from the base