3 Best Alarm Clocks for Kids

July 13, 2017 starpro

Even for adults, getting woken up by an alarm is irritating. Fortunately, we now have phones that we could snooze every 5 minutes to get additional sleep. This is risky though if your kid is picked up by school bus at scheduled time. It is even worse if you have to drive through morning traffic to get your child to school on time. If you are the kind of parent who has to steal a blanket to get your child off the bed, perhaps we can give you some additional ammunition. Get an alarm clock.

By getting an alarm clock that you can place out of the arms reach from the child, they will be forced to wake up and switch it off and in thus doing, lose the sleepyhead. Scheduling waking times is very important in the adulthood. Do not assume that it is not equally as important for your school going child. The Circadian clock has to be maintained to help the child sleep better and concentrate more in class.

Before you buy an alarm clock for your child, consider the following;

Easy To Read Face – The complicated analog faces of the clocks of yesteryears are not very friendly to young children. A digital face that shows time in numbers will be better. You do not want to buy an alarm clock that a child cannot use.

Colorful and Children Friendly Design – Getting an alarm clock that is designed like a toy will encourage your child to use it.

Night Light – Have you had to leave the lights on because your child was afraid of the dark? You can easily solve this problem by getting an alarm clock that features a night light to illuminate the bedroom as the young one sleeps.

The KEYNICE Alarm Clock with Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker

The KEYNICE Alarm Clock with Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker

The KEYNICE Alarm Clock stands out as a multifunctional clock. It comes complete with Night Light and Bluetooth Speaker. That’s not all. The kid’s alarm clock comes integrated with soothing melodies and mood lighting along with the alarm functionality.

The night lamp is made with LED lights which are easy to replace with lights that capture the ambience of the child’s bedroom. Note that the clock comes with 6 colors in its series and for a child to get the color that they want, they will have to go through the selection one after the other. In cases where less light is needed, you can dim the lights to set the mood to sleep mode.

The clock also comes with Micro SD Card capabilities to help you play more music genres. Alternatively, you can use a TF card to play your child’s most favorite tunes and lullabies. For those who do not have memory cards, they can use their Bluetooth enabled devices to connect to the alarm clock and hence play their children’s favorite music. The KEYNICE Alarm Clock comes with powerful speakers and hands free functionality.

The KEYNICE is the ultimate aid for sleeping and waking up. Its functionalities combine wireless technology, digital time keeper, mood and ambience lights and powerful sound which make them the most celebrated alarm clocks for modern children.

Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light

Ok to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night Light

At the list price $39.95, this alarm clock is at the top of our best alarm clocks for kids. The clock comes with night light that have color changing properties that help the children sleep longer, thereby allowing the whole family to sleep better.

The 4.5 inches clock can be set on the bedside to allow the soft yellow glows, illuminating the whole room and turning green when it is time for the child to get out of the bed. Among the major features of the clock include fun animations, replaceable faceplates, convenient timer and a snooze button. It is easy for the parent to program the clock and then teach the children how to program it on their own.

A newer version of the clock comes with a USB cord to make it compatible with other modern home equipment. Although the backup battery is not part of the package, you can buy it on your own. You may use the USB adapter that you use on your phone to charge the clock.

The clock is designed for children between the age of 3 and 5 years. Its alarm is truly functional for toddlers and its design is a constant reminder of extraterrestrial characters. It is primarily designed to train the young children understand the value of sleep for the whole family, meaning that they will have to attend earlier bedtimes.

LEGO Kids’ Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Light Up Alarm Clock

Don’t tell me you are one of those people who dislike Darth Vader in the Star Wars. He is the most memorable character in the franchise. If in doubt of this, try visiting a costume shop or a comic convention and see how many people will be adorning the clothing of Darth Vader. It is no doubt then that clock maker looking for a style to adapt for a kid’s alarm clock would fashion it after Darth Vader.

The alarm clock is designed to evoke the Star Wars figures in the kids’ memory. It is a 9.5 inches clock that comes with an eely red glow to mimic the saber that is used by Darth Vader. Its figurine also mimics the Star wars character, down to the mask. It is activated by pushing the helmet’s figure.

It is an excellent clock for the kids who are avid followers of the series. It encourages them to wake up and get counted. Lucky for the parent, you will get enough sleep at night. The kids will get a good night’s sleep and thus concentrate better in school the following day. Everybody wins!

Whichever of the above clocks you choose for your child, rest assured that it will be for the whole household’s good. Everybody will get a good night’s sleep, which translates to better productivity the following day. Besides, some of the kids’ alarm clocks serve more than one function. You can use them to listen to music or use the lights to create the mood for a party!