Best Lullaby Apps for a Better Bedtime

September 26, 2017 starpro

Getting your little one to get to and to stay asleep sometimes feels like an impossible task. Our children give us many pleasures in life and fill our days with interesting discovery and happy times but at night it is sometimes hard to concentrate and to get a good night’s sleep if they cannot get to rest. With tears and moans we sometimes have to grin and comfort for hours in order to make them feel better again. Life is short and we really don’t want to miss those precious moments when we can really experience their growth and discoveries in life. With technology today there are so many different applications available that can make daily tasks much easier and more enjoyable. With budgeting apps and endless music apps it is no surprise that we can actually download a few great apps to help our babies get a good night’s rest. Here are a few that will make the bedtime process a little smoother in your life. Click here for more tips on creating a serene environment in your little one’s bedroom. As parents it is our priority to make sure our little ones are at peace when going to sleep and that they are well-rested and ready for the next day and all it might bring.

Baby snooze

This application is strictly an app that will let your little ones experience the comfort and safety of your womb. With sounds that realistically imitate your heartbeat and the flowing sounds that baby first experienced while they were growing inside you it is no secret that your baby will feel safe and enveloped as they did before they first came into this life.

Baby Shuser

Every mom has experienced their fair share of shushing their little ones. It has a calming effect on baby but can sometimes be a tiring exercise for mom. If this is the case for you it might be a good idea to get hold of this app that actually imitates the calming sound of shushing which will let your little one calm down and relax while experiencing a familiar sound.

Baby sleep care pro

This application is known to be an entire device for your baby and a sleeping addition that will make your life easier. You can actually record sounds that you feel is calming for your baby. This application is also great if your baby isn’t with you as this app detects alarming sounds that your baby is making and automatically dials a preprogrammed number which allows you to always keep an eye on your little one.

Lullaby for babies

This application represents exactly what it says by adding a little song and music to your little one’s restless night. This is also known to be the best lullaby app. It is true that music has a calming effect on babies and with this app you can rest assured that all your favorite lullabies will be played to your baby. Click here to learn some of the best lullabies.

Lightning bug sleep clock

This is an innovative way to keep baby calm and lost in dreamland with over 200 different sounds that include storm sounds and other frequency sounds that will keep them fast asleep and entertained. There is also an alarm that will make sure you wake up on time to keep baby occupied.

Sleepy sounds

Yet another great application that includes white noise, songs and nature sounds that will really make your baby’s night a peaceful one. There are also images and animations that go with the songs which add to the calming effect and make it a better experience for your baby. It is no secret that babies and toddlers love animation so this application is a lot of fun.

Ambiscience sleep aid for children

This is all about science and actually triggers the calm and relaxing side of your little one’s brain in order to give them a sound and peaceful night. With science this application tunes into just the right frequencies to make it a wonderful experience and the great thing is that there are over 30 tracks to choose from so that you are spoilt for choice when calming baby down.

Sleepy kids

This is a personal favorite for those little ones that have trouble falling asleep without a bedtime story. This application actually offers your little ones hypnotic stories that will give them incentive to fall asleep and to actually stay asleep. The stories last up to 45 minutes which guarantees a good night for mom and baby. They will fall asleep faster and perhaps dream sweeter dreams with the amazing stories that are read to them. I remember as a child I refused to go to bed unless I had my bedtime story read to me. This was the case until I was old enough to read my own books. I would have loved this app.

Weissbluth method app

This is an application that is inspired by a medical doctor that provides parents with tips and information about getting your little ones to sleep calmly and comfortably. This application is specifically designed for babies from birth up to the age of 12 months. This is a great way for parents to keep track of their baby’s sleeping pattern with the helpful and convenient log that they can complete every day. This is definitely an application worth investing in as it is great for new parents that struggle to enjoy a full night and enough sleep.

Goodnight Safari

This is a wonderful story telling app that caters for little ones between the ages of 2 and 4. Imagine a story teller that tells stories of African safaris and animals experiences. There are many stories to choose from and we can’t help but think of Alex the lion from Madagascar when listening to this application. There are many ways to get your little ones to relax but this is by far one of the most creative and genius ones.