How to Buy the Best Planetarium and Constellation Projector for Your Child?

December 14, 2016 starpro

Planetarium and constellation projectors have gained a lot of popularity lately. They’re fun, they give kids an accurate idea about the position of stars in space and they can also help little ones fall asleep at night.

The market features a diversified range of projectors. Each of these products has specific characteristics, some being more advanced than others. If you’re about to buy a planetarium and constellation projector for the first time, you may want to rely on the following tips.


The first and the most important consideration when buying any kind of projector or product aimed for child use is safety.

Most of the projectors on the market come with child safety features. There aren’t parts that can be unscrewed easily and potentially digested by kids. The same applies to the battery compartment or the cord, if the projector is plugged in.

The safety of the light itself should be assessed, as well. Constellation projectors usually feature gentle lights. The light is directed towards the ceiling, creating patterns and star shapes there. While direct viewing isn’t harmful, it’s usually discouraged.

Apart from being safe, the brightness of light should also be chosen on the basis of individual preferences. Some kids may get too excited because of bright lights. In such instances, the planetarium and constellation projector will accomplish the exact opposite of what it’s intended to.


Once the safety of the projector is assessed, a parent will have to decide about the most important features. Projectors can be equipped with a vast range of additional functionalities that will determine their user-friendliness.

The first characteristic is whether the projector works with a set visual or if it comes with interchangeable discs. Projectors that feature interchangeable discs tend to be more expensive but they’ll be a lot more exciting for kids.

Interchangeable discs can be used to project different images on the ceiling. Some of the common disc options include the Northern Hemisphere constellations, Southern Hemisphere constellations, Aurora Borealis and even a view of Earth from space. If a projector is being bought for educational purposes, a bigger number of discs should definitely be considered as an option.

These projectors can also come with built-in speakers. The feature is beneficial for projectors that will be used to help kids fall asleep. Lullabies and natural sounds played alongside the light display will soothe a child. Some of the constellation projectors have a number of songs and sounds stored in their memory. Alternatively, the machine can be linked to a laptop or a smartphone for a wider selection of music.

A few other fun features to look for include a projector that doubles as a night light, automatic shutoff after a certain period of time (usually to be pre-set by the parent), adjustable display angle and volume for the machines that play music, changing projector colors and a long operational time for the projectors that run on batteries.

A Few Additional Features to Look for

It’s always a good idea to check the reputation of the manufacturer prior to buying a planetarium and constellation projector. Some of the companies on this market are recognized for long traditions in the field and adherence to the strictest industry standards.

Looking for a money-back guarantee is also a good idea. Manufacturers who are confident enough about the quality of their product give buyers a chance to do a risk-free trial. Having at least a few months of money-back guarantee and a product warranty can help you rest assured that you’ve chosen a high quality item.

Finally, go through buyer reviews and testimonials for the few products that you’re wondering between. The experiences of people who already own the respective projector can be quite enlightening. Look for patterns in the information. If many buyers are writing about the same advantage or shortcoming, chances are that the information is trustworthy.

Buying a constellation and planetarium projector can help you spend quality time with your child and experience the wonders of nature together. If your kid is older, you should definitely get them involved in the buying process (unless you want to keep the projector a surprise). Having at least some idea about the preferences of your child will make it much easier for you to select the item that’s just right.