Calm Knight Star Projector Nightlight and Lullaby Machine Review

December 14, 2016 starpro
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Calm Knight is a company created by a couple who suffered through many nights of disturbed sleep after the birth of their child. This is the main reason why Jess and Jade decided to come up with a solution. Today, Calm Knight makes beautiful and soothing projectors that help little ones fall asleep effortlessly.

The Calm Knight Star Projector Nightlight and Lullaby Machine has a number of great characteristics that make it worth a try. The following review will acquaint you with the machine’s most prominent and unique features, as well as with a few of its shortcomings.

Main Characteristics

The Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect by Calm Knight has a number of characteristics designed for the purpose of keeping a child calm. The first one is the star projector. It’s suitable for kids of all ages and it utilizes light to transform the nursery and create a serene ambiance.

The machine can also play 10 lullabies and natural sounds. This is the second way in which it can be used to calm down a child and help them fall asleep faster. All of the tones have been chosen specifically for their soothing potential. The machine can play sounds like creek sounds, birds, and sea waves.

One of the most prominent characteristics of the machine is the cry detect feature. As the name suggests, this functionality turns the machine automatically whenever a baby starts crying. The soothing lullabies and the light can help a little one fall asleep once again.

Calm Knight Star Projector Nightlight and Lullaby Machine has a number of additional characteristics worth mentioning like three interchangeable projector plates, effortless volume controls, manual activation through a button, a womb simulator feature and heartbeat mimic feature.

Biggest Advantages

Many parents have already gotten a chance to test and review the Calm Knight project and sound machine. Here are a few of the positive experiences that are common between people who have used this Calm Knight product:

  • Easy to set up: the machine has a user-friendly design that simplifies the setup process. All that a parent has to do is plug it in and press the manual start button. There are also buttons that enable and disable the cry detect feature.
  • Buttons are child-friendly: while the machine should be set up by a parent, it’s also incredibly child-friendly. The buttons are large and brightly colored, making it possible for toddlers to start the music or the light projection on their own.
  • A line-in jack is available: the functionality makes the machine compatible with smartphones and mp3 players. Thus, if a kid has a favorite song that they like to listen to at bedtime, it’s easy to play this specific piece through the machine.
  • Money-back guarantee: the Calm Knight projector and lullaby machine is provided with a six-month money-back guarantee.
  • Compact: the projector is very compact in size. It measures 3.2 by 3.5 by 3.2 inches and its weight is solely 10.6 ounces.

A Few Shortcomings

Most of the buyer reviews about the Calm Knight Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect are positive. It’s very difficult to find negative experiences due to the quality of the appliance, the affordable price and the ease of setup. If a few cons were to be mentioned, they would include the following:

  • A bit more expensive than other machines on the market: there are much more affordable projectors on the market, if you want the most inexpensive purchase. Still, this Calm Knight machine features one of the best price to quality ratios out there.
  • It will not work every single time: obviously, the machine isn’t going to deliver the desired result every single time. Children will need a bit of time to adjust to the features. Still, the machine can minimize the number of times that a parent has to get up per night. Most people that used the sound machine and projector reported that it led to significant improvements in baby sleep quality (and as a result – in parent sleep quality).

Final Verdict

The shortcomings of the Calm Knight projector and lullaby machine are negligible. The machine does exactly what it promises and it packs a number of great features in a very small appliance. Anyone interested in helping kids fall asleep easier at night should definitely consider this product.