A Comprehensive Star Master Projector Review

December 14, 2016 starpro

Do a simple online search for a star master projector and you’ll come across numerous options. All of them share the same characteristics – they create a beautiful nighttime starry sky in the comfort of one’s bedroom.

Choosing one star master projector or another is all about individual preferences and budget. Here are a few of the top options that the market has to offer.

Ninimour Star Master Night Cosmos Projector by Dragonext

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An absolute best seller, the Ninimour Star Master Night Cosmos Projector by Dragonext has a number of distinctive and fun characteristics.

The concept is pretty simple – there’s a rotating base that can be used to get a scientifically accurate constellation presentation on the ceiling of a room. The projector can be turned on to create a calming atmosphere and it is also a wonderful education tool.

Three LED colors – red, blue and green – are used to create the colorful cosmos. The brightness of the light isn’t intense but the available different tones make up for the lack of brightness.

Keep in mind that the product isn’t particularly suitable for use by children. It doesn’t rotate or play music. Thus, if you want to soothe a little one, you should go for an alternative option (a good star projector for kids will be listed in the final part of the article).

Ninimour Star Master Night Cosmos Projector by Dragonext is one of the most affordable options on the market. It measures 11 by 11 by 12 centimeters and it’s powered by three standard AAA batteries that aren’t included in the kit.

DIY Planetarium Projection Lamp Star Master Projector by YJ-WorldTrade

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Anyone looking for something a bit more advanced will be satisfied with this star master projector. More expensive than the first entry in the list, the DIY Planetarium Projection Lamp Star Master Projector by YJ-WorldTrade has a couple of noteworthy characteristics.

For a start, the item can be used to create astronomically-correct constellation projections. It’s the perfect science aid you can rely on to explain complex concepts to a child.

The colors are changeable and the projection rotates for a more impressive effect. The projector itself is available in a couple of different colors, which turns it in the ideal accessory for just about every bedroom.

Apart from being a powerful projector, this appliance can also be used as a nightlight.

The star master project is powered by four AA batteries and it measures 11.42 by 8.27 by 1.97 inches. Since there are several small parts in the design of this product, it’s not suitable for soothing babies and toddlers.

The Best Star Master Projector for a Nursery

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If you want a functional, safe and soothing star master projector for a nursery, consider getting the Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect by Calm Knight. This is an item designed by parents who know how difficult it can be to put a child to sleep.

For a start, the item creates a colorful and soothing star sky projection on the ceiling of the nursery. The interchangeable colors will fascinate a little one and help them feel secure in their bed. On top of the projector, the machine also features a built-in speaker. It has 10 lullabies and additional natural/white noise sounds.

The machine combs with a womb soothing sound and a heartbeat sound. These can be particularly soothing for young babies who have a difficult time falling asleep.

Several other great characteristics make the Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect by Calm Knight particularly suitable for use in a nursery.

The machine has a specialized sensor that detects crying. If a child wakes up crying in the middle of the night, the machine will play music and project the stars on the ceiling. Thus, it will calm down a little one without parents having to get out of bed. The projector will play for a specified period of time, after which it will get shut off for battery conservation purposes.

A star master projector is a great addition to a home planetarium and it can also be used to create a soothing atmosphere. The applications are numerous and many people already own such a machine. Knowing what the main purpose is will help you choose one of the multiple options on the market.