Conair Sounds Machine: Does It Work?

January 24, 2018 starpro

​The Conair Sounds Machine is an affordable (around $20), lightweight sound therapy machine, designed to soothe the listener with sounds of nature and white noise. This sound machine comes with these ten high-quality, digital recordings:

Conair Sounds Machine
  • ​Rhythmic heartbeat
  • ​Soothing running stream
  • ​Calming ocean waves
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    Tranquil tropical forest
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    Static white noise
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    Gentle summer night
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    Pattering rainfall
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    Cascading waterfall
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    Cheeping songbirds
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    Rumbling thunderstorm

Other features of the Conair Sounds Machine are easy-to-control volume wheel and 60-minute auto-off timer. The device can be plugged into a socket using the DC adapter, and it can also battery operated for portability.

It’s important to note how compact and lightweight the product is. The Conair Sounds Machine is only 2.5 x 5. X 8.8 inches and 1.1 lbs. shipping weight, and the price is only a fraction of the cost of bulkier and heavier alternatives.

Who would want the Conair Sounds Machine?

​The Conair Sounds Machine was designed to as a stress reliever and to help people sleep quicker by playing soothing animal, nature and white noises. The volume control wheel can help in drowning out unwanted background noise. 

How to operate the Conair Sounds Machine

​Conair is a popular manufacturer of consumer products. If you are familiar with Conair products, then operating this device shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, this device is pretty straightforward. It contains an on/off button, the ten sounds preset buttons, volume control wheel and auto-off timer switch. Plug the device into an electrical socket or use batteries, press a sound button and listen.

Does it work?

 ​If your plan is to fall asleep quickly, this machine does indeed work. Conair understands that there are people out there who can doze off quicker if they are listening to soothing nature or animal sounds. Whether you’re into water sounds, birds singing, or static white noise, this product is definitely for you.

​The sound quality of the device is superb. There’s a difference between what you hear from the Conair Sounds Machine and from other similar products: Conair simple has better sound quality. There won’t be any sound distortion from the speakers unless playing at the highest volume.

​The volume control is excellent. You can set the volume of the device to drown out other background noises. This is especially helpful if you live in an area with lots of noise pollution. If you’re traveling and you have to stay at a motel, the volume control wheel on the device can help in eliminating vacuuming sounds, talking, and random AC rattles. Just like other brands, this device will not completely block out all unwanted background noises, but pairing it with earplugs will ensure undisturbed sleep. 

​This product is compact and portable, allowing for easy travel. The one thing you should make sure to do is when stowing the Sounds Machine in a bag, make sure that the batteries are removed. The buttons are pretty sensitive and a light push can trigger the on/off switch and sounds button. It’s pretty battery-efficient but you don’t want your player to blast soothing sounds to your bag’s contents.

​Something that may not seem important is the loop of the audio file. The duration of the sound files are only so long (not 60 minutes) so if you’re paying close attention you will hear a noticeable pause-and-restart. However, it’s very subtle and most of the times won’t notice it.

​Parents will definitely find this product to be helpful in promoting their little one’s sleep. All parents know that getting a toddler to sleep can be a hassle, and keeping them asleep is just as hard when you have to prepare lunch in the kitchen or vacuum the living room carpet. Playing this device you child’s bedroom will help block out the bangings of pots and pans, pet sounds, as well as drown out most of the loud cleaning sounds.

The cons

Despite how well this products works in promoting longer and quicker sleep as well as reliving stress, there are four main problems with the Conair Sounds Machine. The first one is that the device only has ten preset audio buttons. This won’t be a major issue for most people since they can choose their favorite sound and stick with it. For those of you who like to switch between audio sounds, you may get bored pretty quickly. The good thing about the boredom is that it can cause you to fall asleep more quickly.

The second problem is its durability. The company sacrificed strength for lightweight and portability. When storing the device in a bag or suitcase, make sure that it’s placed in a small box beforehand. This will prevent unwanted snapping or random switching-on of the device. In addition, unplug the charging cable from the device prior to storage. This will guarantee that the prong in the device’s charging port doesn’t snap. Nonetheless, as long as the device is properly stored, you can expect to get several years out of it before becoming defunct.

The next issue with this product is its sound quality. The sound is indeed quite neat and crisp, but there are times when certain presets just sound tinny or automated. The sounds are nice and guarantee relaxation, but there are times when you don’t get lost in the sounds. However, this may not be a deal-breaker for most people out there since you can choose your favorite setting and stick to that one exclusively.

Finally, in terms of volume, there is no gradual transitioning of the sound from higher volumes to lower as the 60-minute timer counts down. The device plays at set volume levels depending on how loud or not the device is set. This won’t be an issue for many users since they’re almost guaranteed to fall asleep before the timer shuts the device off.

The bottom line

​This product is definitely worth considering if you are looking for an affordable soothing sounds machine. Conair definitely did a good job with designing the product, and the cheap price tag is the icing on the cake. Prepare to feel a little bit of disappointment with some audio files, but in general they are sound quite nice. The Conair Sounds Machine will definitely get you from awake and alert to drowsy and dozing in no time.