DIY Star Projector Reviews

December 14, 2016 starpro

Creating a planetarium at home is far from a challenging task, as long as you pick the right DIY star projector. The market features multiple products capable of creating realistic constellation projections. These are perfect for educational purposes and they can also create a truly soothing ambiance.

Deneve Ocean Wave LED Night Star Projector

This product is much more than a DIY star projector. The Deneve Ocean Wave LED Night Star Projector also works as an night mood light lamp and undersea ocean wave room decorator. On top of all that, it can connect to a music source in order to enhance the atmosphere even further.

The item projects a star show on the bedroom walls and ceiling. Different colors are used to give the projection a bit of warmth and additional appeal.

There are 12 different LED lights, which results in the most impressive DIY projections ever. In addition, the machine can project stars on the walls and the ceiling continuously for up to one hour.

Deneve Ocean Wave LED Night Star Projector can connect with MP3 and iPhone players. It’s also provided with an AC power adapter or it can run alternatively on three AAA batteries.

Aeeque Third Generation Fantasy Romantic Sky Map Projector

The starfield simulation light comes with detailed assembly instructions because it’s a bit more complex than other DIY star projectors out there. Aeeque Third Generation Fantasy Romantic Sky Map Projector is astronomically-correct and it can also be used to make the atmosphere at home a bit more romantic.

Seasonal regulations are available, which results in an adequate change in constellations. A rotating base is also available, making the stars move and spin slowly.

There are two different bulbs resulting in a more realistic astro projection. A few other characteristics worth mentioning include ABS + PET durable body, two AA batteries for projector powering and a size of the projection ball of 7.87 inches.

Sega Homestar Original Black Home Planetarium

When it comes to DIY star projectors, the Sega Homestar Original Black Home Planetarium is as advanced as it gets. This projector is quite a lot more expensive than the other entries in the list. All of the items capabilities, however, justify the expenditure and turn it into much more than a basic projector.

Sega Homestar Original Black can project an amazing “sky” that features 60,000 stars and constellations. A shooting star function is available for an even more realistic and educational experience.

Every single DIY planetarium projector comes with two discs of northern and southern hemisphere constellations. There are four additional discs that aren’t included with the kit but that can be purchased separately.

This projector is also characterized by incredibly high quality of the lenses. It’s the one feature that results in perfect crispness of the image. Projector angles and the focus can be adjusted to personalize the experience even further.

Sega cooperated with Japanese inventor Takayuki Ohira on the creation of the projector. Ohira is the creator of multiple professional planetariums – one of the main reasons why the final outcome of the cooperation is so successful.

Brainstorm Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector

The final entry in the list offers quality and cost-efficiency at the same time. Parents who want a DIY star projector that’s accurate without being too expensive will be happy with what this machine brings to the table.

Brainstorm Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector can be used to project 24 different slides from NASA and the Hubble Telescope. The slides present planets and stars, as well as nebulae and authentic spacecraft used by NASA astronauts.

A planetarium function is also available to project stars and constellations on the ceiling and the walls. The base rotates, making the stars turn around slowly. This planetarium can also double in a soothing nightlight for the kid’s room.

According to reviewers, the DIY star projector is characterized by exceptional brightness and clarity of both the slide images and the constellation projections.

Finally, there are 16 rotating constellation projection functions that connect the stars with lines to each other. When it comes to studying the different constellations, such a functionality can be quite beneficial for kids.

Brainstorm Deep Space Home Planetarium and Projector measures 13 by 10 by 5.1 inches and its weight is 1.5 pounds. The projector is powered by three AA batteries and it’s suitable for use by kids aged six or older.