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7 Best Star Projectors For Your Room

Greetings space geeks! Here we have the top star projectors currently available. Whether you are looking for a professional projector or an on-off lamp, you’ll find the best of both in this breakdown. In addition if you want a star projector for your baby or toddlers nursery we have the best baby night light projector included in this list. (more…)

The Homestar Extra

First on our list of the best planetarium projectors is the Homestar Extra. Fellow space geeks, this projector is the most advanced unit available. Homestar has a reputation of making a range of some of the best planetariums, however this one specifically ranks #1. Made by Sega this star projector offers the most settings, best lighting, and optics. With a 14W LED, this unit is able to project 120,000 stars at high definition. (more…)

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