The Homestar Classic Review

November 23, 2016 starpro

Coming in at number five, we have the Homestar Classic.  This star projector is Homestar’s bestseller.  The Homestar Classic has everything we love about the Homestar Pro with just a little less power. Homestar Classic has all of the essential features, including a fifteen, thirty, and sixty-minute timer, shooting stars, diurnal motion, and even angle adjustment of zero to ninety degrees.

Diurnal motion is the motion of stars and other celestial bodies across the sky due to the earth’s rotation from West to East.  This movement gives the appearance that the stars are moving from East to West.  This motion is necessary to achieve the very realistic effect of the galaxy being projected in your room.

homestar classic
homestar classic

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The Homestar Classic is available in two colors, Pearl White or Metallic Navy.  You have the enjoyment of 60,000 stars that will shower your walls and ceiling.  It is a very compact device so it is portable and can fit nicely into several different environments such as a house, an apartment, office, or even shop.


It uses an ultra-bright 3-watt LED.  This bulb cannot be replaced, but they are designed to live a long time without ever being changed.  This system also comes with two interchangeable disks that have the fixed stars in the Northern Hemisphere so you can see different constellation maps.

The integrated shooting star feature gives you that added perk of wishing upon your very own shooting star.  Finally, you can adjust the projection angle and the focus to get the desired look and placement you are aiming to achieve with your projector.

They include a manual, although it is written in Japanese, it is pretty self-explanatory, and you can get a sky map of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to make it easier to locate your favorite stars within the projection.

If you are tired of sticking hundreds of glow in the dark stars on your walls and ceilings that don’t even do much to transform the room, then the Homestar Classic is a quick, easy, and affordable solution to bring the universe into your world.

The Homestar Classic is one of the best home planetariums that is currently available on the market.  The Japanese night sky is invited into your room thanks to its innovative creator, Takayuki Ohira.  He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Precision Engineering departments at Nihon University.  He is also the founder of Megastar and provides innovative and high-tech projects for some of the biggest planetariums around the world.

Best Star Projector for Sleeping?

The light that the Homestar Classic projects is not too bright, so you won’t have any trouble falling asleep under the stars.  This optical home planetarium runs on an AC adapter and has a maximum projection range of up to 5.9 feet.

The biggest difference between the Classic and the Pro models is that the Pro model comes with an additional moon disk and has slightly better optics than the classic.  But, you have a softer focus when using the Homestar Classic model which still makes for an amazing projection experience.  The brightness of the Pro can cause the stars and other images to become a little blurry and not as defined as the Classic.

The original Homestar launched in 2006 and had since become a leading household brand name.  The Homestar Classic proves to be a great gift for the children in your life and will spark their imagination while educating them about the star’s and the earth’s rotation.

Best Uses for This Star Projector:

  • Nightlight for a child’s bedroom. It has a quiet motor, and you can set the timer to turn the device off after the child has fallen asleep.
  • Great gift for any nature lover.  They could have the opportunity to sleep under the stars without the inconvenience and nuisance of bugs and other creepy crawlers that are outdoors.

Even astronomers can appreciate the beauty that this device sprawls across the walls and ceilings.  You can have all of the benefits of the beautiful night sky without having to leave the comfort of your home.  You can sit on your couch and dream while wishing on your very own shooting star.

If you like the Homestar Classic, be sure to check out other projectors from Sega.  Each model has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from the others.  Sega continues to work hard to perfect their design while keeping the prices affordable and within your reach.  If you do a search online, you may be able to find additional savings coupons to apply toward your order.


The Sega Homestar Classic Key Points Summary

  • Homestar Classic is an optical home planetarium
  • Runs off of an AC adaptor
  • Has a maximum projection range of up to 5.9 feet
  • 15,30,and 60 minute timer feature
  • Shooting star feature
  • Diurnal motion
  • Angle Adjustment of 0 to 90 degrees
  • Projects onto walls, ceilings, or other flat surfaces
  • Compact device perfect for any environment
  • Quiet motor and Ultra Bright 3-Watt LED bulb
  • 60,000 stars to shower your room

So if you are looking for the perfect gift item or just trying to find an easy replacement for the glow in the dark stars that you spend hours sticking to your child’s bedroom walls and ceiling, then the Homestar Classic is the perfect product for you.

You get the galaxy at your fingertips, and all you have to do is plug it in and turn it on to begin enjoying the beautiful night time sky and shooting stars indoors. It will prove to be a no mess and no fuss solution.

You won’t have light bulbs to worry about changing out, and with the shut-off safety feature with the timing options, it will ensure that your child can fall asleep under the stars without any added worry of the device overheating or even draining electricity.

This innovative technology is available to the public with affordable pricing options and the security of knowing that you are receiving a high-quality product that will provide countless memories.

homestar classic
homestar classic

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