The Homestar Extra

November 20, 2016 starpro

First on our list of the best planetarium projectors is the Homestar Extra. Fellow space geeks, this projector is the most advanced unit available. Homestar has a reputation of making a range of some of the best planetariums, however this one specifically ranks #1. Made by Sega this star projector offers the most settings, best lighting, and optics. With a 14W LED, this unit is able to project 120,000 stars at high definition.

Amazing Engineering Power

homestar extra, star projector

Features include randomly placed shooting stars, varying rotation speed control, timers, and a variety of star discs to use with the star projector. All features of this projector can be controlled with a remote, allowing you to sit back and have control at your fingertips. The reason we love this star projector is based on the clear realistic images of the night sky paired with amazing engineering power and settings.


However there’s a catch. This bad boy has a price tag at roughly $2,500 (prices seem to change). Although expensive, we had to rank the Homestar Extra at number 1 for its undisputed quality. If you have the money this star projector is sure to blow your mind.


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