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November 21, 2016 starpro

The Homestar Lite Here we have the Homestar Lite at #6. This star projector is the stripped down version, no hassle, on-off model. It sports the same power as the classic with a 1W LED. The only feature on this star projector is a 15 min timer. The Homestar Lite is able to emit 10,000

“How can you look at the galaxy and not feel insignificant?”-Sir Ridley Scott

homestar light
homestar light

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Mr. Scott who is a director and producer of many famous Hollywood movies, makes a very valid point. How can we not feel insignificant looking at the stars? Some of my best life thoughts come when I’m outside laying under the celestial skies (apart from being in the shower of course). Ridley was inspired by Star Wars Episode IV-A New Hope to start producing sci-fi films. Since then he has created movies such as Alien(1979), Prometheus(2012), and The Martian (2016).  He wanted to bring “beyond earth” feeling and he did. So why should we limit ourselves to just the cinemas? What happens when I just want the stars and no aliens? In the next few paragraphs I am going to share a way that you can get that astronomical feeling at home.

What is the Homestar Lite?

The Homestar Lite is an at home planetarium that projects the nocturnal night sky of Japan’s Capital city (Tokyo) during its winter season, onto your wall or ceiling. The planetarium features Orion, The Big Dipper, and the Milky Way. The Homestar Lite is considered to be stylish and practical, being able to blend with any household setting or design. When looking for the perfect wall or ceiling angle, the Homestar Lite is made to accommodate many different angles and is therefore adjustable to the projection angle that is ideal for your home. There are 10,000 stars projected from the mini planetarium, that are sure to give you a satisfying “out of this world” feeling.

The Homestar model series was invented by the Japanese entrepreneur Takayuki Ohira. Ohira is a recognized specialist for professional planetariums, his company supplies high-tech projectors for public planetariums all over the world. With his background and credentials Mr. Ohira has been working at bringing the high quality setting of a large planetarium into the homes of families, at fair prices.

FUN FACT! Did you know that the first planetarium worldwide was presented in Munich, Germany on October 21st 1923 at the German Museum?

How Does the Homestar Lite work?

The Homestar Lite is a simpler more affordable version of the Original Homestar Planetarium (valued at $150 USD). It looks like the Star Wars Death Star pointed up, and sits in a plastic cradle. The mini planetarium comes in black or white, has a 15 minute automatically set timer, as well as an on/off switch. There is a CD slot that allows you to use different disks, that are programed to project different constellations. The Homestar Lite comes with one CD, however there are more which you can buy separately in packs of 2.

Operating the planetarium is very simple, it will take 4 AAA batteries and no plug in, so you don’t have to be concerned about needing an outlet and can take it to any room and set it anywhere you like. After the batteries are in you will want to place the CD you were given into the slot just above the on/off switch. Pop out the CD holder and place it inside. Now turn it on using the “On” switch, and you should have take off! The projector has an adjustable 0-90 degree angle (onto ceiling or wall) and has a projection range of max 1.8m (5.9ft). Its size is: 138 x 118 x 116mm (5.4 x 4.6 x 4.6″) about the size of a toddlers bouncy ball.

So lets discuss the credibility of the product, I have found a few testimonials off of Amazon that have given me enough information from different point of views that I would say have helped me create my own opinion of the product. Lets go through them.

Homestar Light Reviews

#1) “We were looking for a way to show stars on the ceiling for our young granddaughter but also didn’t want to spend a fortune. We wanted a real picture of the night sky and not just random points of light. This item fits the bill nicely.

The unit is plastic and not super strong, but should be fine sitting on her dresser. The area of the ceiling that shows the stars are limited to about a 5′ wide circle, but we have it positioned above her bed and she loves it. Although it does what it advertises we didn’t give this 5 stars due to the feel of the unit and plastic and expect that if it gets knocked around it will easily break, plus the limited circle of stars as this won’t cover the while ceiling and walls with stars as we might have liked.”– Mike from Colorado (Amazon Customer, 4 out of 5 stars.)

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#2) “I love it! We have been wanting something like this for a while. I was at first a little nervous buying it because if you research into other products they break after a month and are over $100. It takes 4 AAA batteries, comes with one disc which apparently you can buy more which I definitely will. The timer really does go off in 15 minutes which is nice if you want to go to sleep with it. It can cover the entire ceiling as long as you are far enough away.

That spinning thing on the top of Homestar is used to focus it does not rotate.(which is good because I have seen other products that end up being too loud and breaking anyways) I will probably buy more maybe like 1-2 more just because it does cover the ceiling but the projector is circular so it can only cover so much. The only downside of this product is that its from Japan and takes forever to ship. Like about a month but I am too cheap to pay the extra shipping $$ Biggest thing I needed to see was how it actually looks. I never write reviews but I needed to see a picture so that’s why I wrote one! and also I think this product it worth It.”- Amazon customer, 4 out of 5 stars.

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#3)“This is not really bad but, a small projector is for sure a better alternative
First this is not a small stuff, the image projected is not too wide, it means if you are 7ft from a wall you will get a 7×7 ft image (not the idea that I had to look stars), with a lot of distortion in the borders.”
-Amazon Customer, 1 out of 5 stars.

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My conclusions:

The first conclusion I was able to come to is this: Because of its size and simplicity it is not going to be as high quality as I imagine it to be in my mind. As human beings we often think that things are going to be better than they actually are, especially when buying a product.

It has been expressed that the projector does not shine in every direction as it only has a 90 degree angle and will only project in the direction you adjust it, however it has been relayed that the further you are away from the wall or ceiling the wider the image (5ft being the ideal distance), so that’s a bonus. Depending on the distance though, the further the projector is from the wall or ceiling the more likely the stars are to be blurry, yet will still create that celestial glow. This would be perfect for creating a small romantic setting, or as a replacement night light in your child’s bedroom, can you say “BEST NIGHT LIGHT EVER!”?

The second conclusion I was able to draw from this information was that it is made of plastic and is therefore easy to move from place to place, yet could break a bit more easily if not taken care of. It will also require batteries, which is good because then you wont be limited to a spot with an outlet and can place it anywhere you would like.

My third and final conclusion is that it is affordable and perfect for someone who is looking to not spend a fortune (this is me). Growing up I always thought my dad was cheap, but he would often tell me that as long as you take care of the things you have, they will take care of you. The Homestar Lite is an affordable at home planetarium projector, its small and simple to operate and as long as you are not dropping it on the ground every time you go to turn it on, it should last you a long time.

Perfect For:

Its perfect for small rooms and intimate settings, family nights or when the kids are building a fort, to sleep in the living room. If you like classical music this next part is for you. When I was backpacking in Australia I would lay in my swag and stare at the stars listening to classical music on my phone. The sky at night in the outback is so clear, and detailed especially in the warm seasons. Now I’m back home where it is cold and I’m really missing those stars. This is something that would be perfect in the wintertime; when its too cold to go out and enjoy the real thing, take joy in the fact that you can have a personal, little astronomical canvass, right on your very own ceiling.

homestar lite
homestar lite

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