The Homestar Pro

November 26, 2016 starpro

Home is like a sanctuary. It is a place where we find comfort and solitude. However, sometimes the same old things can become boring and a change is needed. The Homestar Pro can transform any room into a dazzling star show that your nights have been missing.

Everyone will find enjoyment in this product no matter their age. The night sky is a fascinating spectacle that is full of awe and wonder for all. Now it can come alive in your living room! The cold months or bad weather of any kind will never be an issue again when it comes to being able to stargaze.


What Does The Homestar Pro Do?:

The projector is bringing the cosmos down to you with over 60,000 white LED lights being projected onto the ceiling or wall from the sphere shaped device. In a matter of seconds your room will be lit up with your very own galactic light show. All you have to do is plug it in, turn off the the lights in the room, and explore the stars at your leisure.

The design of the projector allows it to be used in any room with ease. You can put it in a corner or make it the focal point of a room. Angle the projector how you wish the stars to appear (either on the ceiling or on the wall) and be free to gawk at the stars all night long.

The projector also comes with high resolution discs that include the blue earth, the moon, and accurate constellations. This way you have a variety to the scene you are displaying. There is no shortage of what you can look at!

Homestar Pro, Planetarium Projector

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Cool Ideas On What To Do With Your Projector:

  • Children’s hospitals are usually looking for volunteers to come and spend time with the patients in efforts to lift their spirits. The patients do not get to spend much time outdoors, if any. By taking along the Homestar Pro you are bringing the outside to them. You can turn the common room or their hospital room into the escape they need to take their minds off of their current circumstance, even if it is just for a few minutes.
  • You can be the host of a galactic game night that your friends and family will love. Game nights are a common activity among people of any age. The projector can add a unique element to the already fun atmosphere. Just make sure no one uses it as a distraction in order to cheat their way to victory. Shooting star! Where?
  • The Homestar Pro is the perfect gadget for a sleepover over. Whether it is for a boy or a girl, the projector will amaze their friends/classmates and be a night they will remember. It is easy to create an educational game with the constellations, too. Make it a race to see who can find a certain constellation first and learn the constellations by name. They will leave feeling like an astronomer.
  • When having an event or party, many people tend to rent out a room away from home. This could be a fire hall, a multipurpose room at an office or church, or a banquet hall at a number of different places. Give the guests a unique party going experience with the use of the projector. It is not everyday that people walk into a room and see the cosmos right above them. Depending on the size of the room and how clear you would like the projection to be, it would be wise to invest in multiple projectors to maximize the effect of the images in the room. It is also a great way to figure out a theme for the night and decorate accordingly.



  • The Homestar Pro includes a shooting star function. When you turn it on from the control panel in the front of the projector, the shooting star will fly across the room at random.
  • The projector is equipped with top of the line three-watt white LED technology. LED (light emitting diode) lights are more environmentally friendly and are even more efficient than other types of lighting. They do not use a lot of power to work and some can last up to 100,000 hours.
  • The device comes with two monochrome star discs as well as an extra, interchangeable, high resolution disc. The two monochrome star discs consists of the constellations from the Japanese skyview and the starfield from the Japanese skyview. The extra disc contains images of the moon and the blue earth.
  • The control panel consists of a simple on/off switch, the shooting star function, the automatic shut off timer, and the rotation feature.
  • The projector has a disc slot located above the control panel for the discs.
  • Just like the universe is always moving, so can the star field. There is an option to rotate the star field to the north or to the south. It will do one full rotation every 12 minutes.
  • An automatic timed shut- off can be set to shut off after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or after an hour. This way you do not need to worry about the machine staying on all night and wasting power.
  • The projection of the stars is the best when the projection range is between 6.5 feet and 7.5 feet. The diameter of the holographic projection can get up to over 8.5 feet!
  • The unit comes in black or in silver.
  • The unit is a small, round sphere and is not obtrusive.
  • The AC adapter is included as well as an instruction manual that is in English and Japanese.
  • The Homestar Pro is manufactured by Sega Toys and is a second edition to the original black model.
Homestar Pro, Planetarium Projector

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The Homestar Pro is not a toy, it is a holographic projector. It is intended to be used under adult supervision to ensure the longevity of the product. It is safe to use around children and pets.