Laser Twilight Stars Projector Review

November 23, 2016 starpro

Fun for adults and for kids, the entertaining Laser Twilight Stars Projector is the perfect gadget for the whole family. The animated green stars that slowly move along the walls and ceiling are mesmerizing to watch. The projector does not cast any constellations or accurate position of stars, it is a random assortment of bright stars and clouds.

There is no limit to what uses you can get out of this product. It can set the atmosphere for a romantic evening at home, be the life of the party in the club, or be the right sort of calming vibes needed for a child’s bedroom at nighttime. No matter what it is used for, it will certainly be a showstopper and a focal point for many memorable nights.

laser twilight stars projector
laser twilight stars projector

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What Does The Laser Twilight Stars Projector Do?:

Armed with a bountiful supply of green laser colored stars and ultraviolet blue colored clouds; the star shaped Laser Twilight Stars Projector illuminates a room by creating an enchanting night inside the comfort of your own home or business. The night sky scene is projected onto the ceiling and almost on all of the walls, encasing you in an out-of-this-world experience. The projection is always on the go and changing; just like the universe is always moving and changing.

Do not forget to keep an eye out for the shooting stars that will fly across the universe inside of your room at random. They are an unexpected spectacle that everyone will enjoy. Do not forget to make a wish!

Let’s Talk Tech:

The state of the art green laser that emits the stars and gaseous clouds is a DPSS, or a Diode Pumped Solid State laser. A DPSS laser has a longer lifetime and is more efficient than most lasers. The Diode Pumped Solid State used for the Laser Twilight Stars projector uses the green laser combined with customized holographic optics, luminous diodes, and motors in order to produce the night sky illusion. The precision motors also create the motion of the stars and clouds which adds to the whole experience of stargazing.

Creative Ways You Can Use Your Laser Projector:

  • On a rainy, summer night you can pitch a tent in the living room to turn the indoors into the outdoors. This way the kids are still enjoying a taste of camping life, but in the comfort of your own home.
  • Turn a relaxing bath into a stargazing adventure. Position the angle so that the stars are surrounding. Make sure the unit is away from the water before plugging it into an outlet and make sure everything is dry before you unplug the projector.
  • Use sheets or a canopy (the canopies designed for a bed) to add extra effects for a bedroom or dorm room. Secure the sheets to the ceiling and/or wall and position the projector to either cast the stars on the sheets or behind them onto the ceiling. When the stars and clouds are being projected behind a sheet they will become abstract and the room will become dimmer. When projected onto a sheet or canopy the stars are brought closer to you and depending on the material of the fabric, it can enhance the brightness.
  • Use the projector outside in your front lawn to turn the front of your house into a light show for all to see. This is a great way to be unique during the festive months, or any time of the year when weather permits.
  • Figuring out the decor and the lighting for a wedding, or any event, can be tedious and lead to many headaches. A unique incorporation into a wedding and one that would aid in narrowing down the endless choices, is to use a laser projector. If the wedding is indoors, the projector can add flair to the aisle or the dancefloor at the reception.



  • The Laser Twilight Stars Projector stands at ten inches tall. It is also nine inches wide and seven inches deep.
  • There are two ways to adjust the Laser Twilight Stars Projector:
  1. The first way to adjust the projector is to pivot the machine at the base horizontally by 180 degrees. This makes it so that you can control where the stars and cloud projection shows up in the room. You can make it show up primarily on the ceiling or show up a certain wall in the room. It allows for creativity and is a convenient feature.
  2. The second way to adjust the projector is by changing the intensity of the blue, ultraviolet gaseous like clouds. You have the option to only project the green stars onto the walls and ceiling, or you can showcase both the stars and the clouds. By changing the intensity down to zero, the clouds disappear and only the stars will show. When you turn the clouds up to full intensity the clouds will be a brilliant color, larger, and move about the stars in a gorgeous motion.
  • The projector has a built-in timer that will shut off after four hours. This is an appreciable feature for parents with young children; no worrying about the projector staying on throughout the night!
  • The 120v AC adapter is included for the United States only.
  • No assembly is required. Just plug the projector in and enjoy the show.
  • The unit contains two built-in precision lenses.
  • The projector uses holographic technology and a green laser to display the stars and gaseous clouds onto the ceiling and/or walls.
  • There are randomized shooting stars that fly across the room.



It is important to remember that the projector is not a toy and should only be used under adult supervision. Also, there are several imitations circulating the online markets. Many of these imitators burn out in only a few hours. This is due to the fact that the Laser Twilight Stars Projector contains a circuit that is specifically designed to prevent burnouts so that the product will last longer and consumers will be getting their money’s worth.