The Star Theater Pro Review

November 23, 2016 starpro

The solar system is captivating and mysterious and the star theater pro turns your room into the night sky! It captivates the minds of all who see its beauty. The night sky is even more attention grabbing. It does not matter what your age is, everyone is in awe of the sky at night. Sometimes the stars are so bright and beautiful that they look like we could reach up and grab a handful. Imagine if the stars were actually close enough to touch. The Star Theater Pro from Uncle Milton is the ideal projector to transcend a room into your very own space odyssey adventure!

You never need to have another regular night at home again. With this projector your nights in will be a galactic experience that can either be the excitement of the evening, or the perfect atmosphere to fall asleep in. No matter the reasoning behind the purchase, this projector will become a treasured item in no time.

star theater pro
star theater pro

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What Does the Star Theater Pro Do?:

Equipped with thousands of bright stars, this projector will ensure any room will become a starry night scene when turned on. Your walls and ceiling will no longer be ordinary, but will be a sight to behold. With over ten thousand white, LED stars being projected; there is no shortage in what you can look at.

The projector also comes with two high-resolution discs that adds variety to the cosmic scene being projected onto your walls and ceiling. You can switch the view to see the earth and moon among the stars, or the sun and the stars. Either way, this home planetarium will captivate anyone, especially growing minds, and peak their interest in the vast solar system.

Fun Ideas For Your Laser Projector:

  • The Star Theater Pro is a great teaching tool for inside the classroom. When students are learning about the solar system, a memorable way to gain their undivided attention and get the students excited to learn about the course is for the teacher to bring in the laser projector. Some kids often find themselves lost in a daydream or are just generally uninterested in academics. A teacher can use this product to get kids out of their personal clouds and into the sky in the room. What a great way to introduce a topic!
  • You can add flair to a presentation or pitch by incorporating the holographic stars, earth and moon, and/or sun. Not only will you instantly attain the immediate attention from your boss and fellow colleagues, but it will be a presentation they will remember. Do not be overlooked again and do not be afraid to think outside of the box.
  • Are you someone who likes to throw themed birthday parties? Your little one will have a party they, or their friends/classmates, will not soon forget with the use of the laser projector. They can: dance under the stars, pretend to be astronauts and walk among the moon, entertain themselves by trying to count all the stars, and play various games.
  • A great way to impress an at home dinner date or your spouse is to set up the projector in the corner of the dining room. You can have a romantic, candlelit dinner under the stars all while being in the comfort of your own home. The small shape of the projector makes it easy to place where it will not be an eyesore or get in the way of walking. You also do not need to worry about a wire plugging into an outlet because the product can be powered by batteries as well.
  • You can use the projector as a prop for homemade videos. Whether it is a weekend activity, summer vacation, or a holiday break, there are several cool ways to involve the laser projector in a video. You can have the kids make a music video or maybe you like to record greeting videos for friends and family that live far away. The starfield and sun/moon/earth projections allow for a lot of creative videos to be made that are fun for the whole family.




  • There is an automatic timer that shuts off after either 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or after 60 minutes. You never have to worry about falling asleep with the projector on!
  • The Star Theater Pro is sphere shaped and is six inches in diameter. The projector stands seven inches tall (this measurement includes the stand).
  • The projector comes with two high resolution discs that are interchangeable. The discs allow you to view the starfield, earth, moon, and sun. Also included in your initial purchase is a CD to provide the right ambient sounds to listen along to while enjoying the stars. Extra image discs can be ordered from the manufacturer and the order forms are included with the product! The product is manufactured by the company Uncle Milton.
  • The projector includes a setting where you can make the image rotate one revolution in a ten minute period.
  • The disc slot is located in the front of the laser projector. Among the disc slot is the control panel. The control panel consists of the buttons that control the automatic shut-off, the dial to change the focus, the option to rotate the image, and the on/off button.
  • The projector can be used by installing three AA batteries (batteries not included) or by using the AC adapter (included).
  • The projector is a sleek design and will blend in among other appliances.
  • The laser projector comes with a lens cover so that you can keep it clean from animals, kids, and reduce the accumulation of dust.
  • The projector stand is adjustable so that you can find the perfect angle to cast the projection onto the ceiling or walls.
  • The projection of stars is illuminated by a white LED light inside the projector.
  • The special optical lens is equipped with an adjustable focus. You can make the stars or planets crystal clear or make them look obscure.
star theater pro
star theater pro

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The Star Theater Pro is not a toy. It is intended for children six years of age and older. Adult supervision is required to ensure safety and the longevity of the projector.