What’s the Best Star Night Light Projector?

December 14, 2016 starpro

A good night light projector is the perfect soothing tool that will help a child fall asleep easily. The market features many options and it’s not easy to choose the best one. Doing a bit of preliminary research and comparing the different options side by side will make it easier to choose.

If you’re buying a star night light projector for the first time, you’ll need to determine what the most important buying criteria are. Once you have an idea about the essentials, you can move on towards examining different products on the market.

The Most Important Features

The light is the most crucial feature of a night light projector. Some of these appliances feature colored or interchangeable lights. Some of them project stars, constellations and patterns on the ceiling. The type of light and the options should be examined first.

Good night light projectors are often equipped with speakers, as well. The machines play music while projecting light or star patterns. These two work together to calm down a child and help them fall asleep effortlessly.

Look for the power source that the projector relies on. If the item runs on batteries, you may want to check what the operational time is prior the need for a replacement.

A few other important characteristics to look for is whether the machine has automatic shutoff for battery preservation after a certain period of time, whether it can double as a nightlight, if it can be connected to another device like a computer and if it features interchangeable discs. Interchangeable discs allow you to project different images on the ceiling, keeping a kid interested in the light show.

A final important feature to focus on is the price of the projector. The price of the appliance shouldn’t be the primary factor. Still, try to find the best price to quality ratio. If you determine a budget range in advance, you’ll also find it easier to go through the multiple products and choose the best one.

What’s the Best Product Out There?

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The market features numerous star night light projectors, each one with its specific characteristics and price. Based on parent reviews and additional information, we’ve managed to identify one of the top options.

The name of this top option is Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect by Calm Knight. Calm Knight products are created by parents, which is why they work. The design is child-friendly and the projector has a number of wonderful characteristics that make it different from other options on the market.

The Calm Knight projector and sound machine has a star projector suitable for kids of all ages. There are three interchangeable discs to choose from and the lights are colored. The projector allows for a smooth transition from one color to another, which kids adore.

A collection of 10 lullabies and natural sounds is also available. The aim of these is to enhance the soothing experience for little ones even further. Apart from the bird, forest and ocean sounds, the machine has a womb and a heartbeat regime. Many kids find the final two most soothing.

Calm Knight’s machine has a sensor that detects crying and turns the machine on automatically. If a baby wakes up in the middle of the night, the lights and music will be sufficient to calm them down without a parent getting up.

The projector also doubles as a nightlight – a characteristic that toddlers and older kids adore.

There are two operating modes that parents can choose among. The projector can either be plugged or it will run on batteries. These two features increase the portability of the appliance. There’s also a USB connectivity port. The projector can be hooked to a computer, which will then be used as a power source. This feature also makes it possible to play additional songs or sounds stored on a PC/mobile device.

Star Projector Sound Machine with Cry Detect by Calm Knight has child-friendly buttons. The projector is lightweight and fun in appearance. Older kids can turn it on by themselves and have a little bit of fun at bedtime.

These are the most prominent characteristics that make the Calm Knight product one of the best night light projectors on the market. With a big number of positive customer reviews and a six-month money-back guarantee, this item is definitely worth a try.